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Piazza still second in All Star voting

Does anybody care that Mike Piazza is second in All Star voting?  The ads on the Padres home page make it seem very urgent that fans vote for Piazza.  I like Piazza, but he's not the catcher he was and he probably doesn't deserve the honor.  Then again All Star voting is a popularity contest so might as well get a Padre in there.  

Imagine if the MLB didn't force the Managers to get a player from every team.  The whole AL team would be Yankees and Red Sox.  The NL team would get a few random Cardinals fans voting but that's it.  

The MLB should just let the Yankees play the Red Sox for the millionth time during the All Star break.  That's what all the East coasters want to see anyway.  The MLB office would love it too.  Maybe they could show Clemens pitching to a little league club as pre-game entertainment instead of the celebrity game.  Instead of the home run contest they could show all the Yankees getting fade hair cuts and manicures.