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Vince Vaughn Throws like a Girl

I was watching Live with Regis and Kelly while I was waiting in the Jury Room downtown a couple weeks back.  Jennifer Aniston was the guest and Regis starts trying to bring up her relationship with Vince Vaughn.  She gets really uncomfortable and since she can't act like she's not uncomfortable, it's really awkward.  She's trying not to talk about him or respond to any of the questions.  Regis starts talking about how Vince Vaughn played the quarterback in the Notre Dame football movie Rudy.  First thing he says is "Vince Vaughn throws like a girl!  You'd think that such a large strapping guy like that would be able to throw like a man!"  There is nothing better then watching Aniston as her man who she's pretending isn't her man, is emasculated.  She says "Oh I didn't realize that".  She's doing her best to pretend like it's not a big deal.

I barely remember Vince Vaughn in Rudy, so I didn't know if he did throw like a girl.  That was until he threw out the first pitch at the Cubs game a few weeks back.  Regis was right.  I wish I could find video of it somewhere.