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Open Thread: 6/5, Padres vs. Brewers

Clay Hensley vs. Chris Capuano

Is it just me or do the Padres play better baseball on the road?  I have no idea what their record is, but it just seems like they can focus much more on the game.  They must be very distracted by their hot wives and all of this sunshine.  They probably get stuck cleaning the bathroom and doing yard work too.  Some of them probably have to field phone calls from Nevin and pretend like they are interested in how he thinks he might be playing better due to smaller ballparks.

On these road trips all they have to worry about is baseball.  That and which groupies to stay away from.  Other then that they dine on the finest food and wait around in their posh hotel rooms for special lady friends.  When that is your life a few days you tend to play better baseball, or so I've heard.

Go Padres!