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Bidding War for Maddux

Sun Times:

Maddux could be the focus of a midseason bidding battle that also might involve the Yankees, Red Sox, Giants and Padres.

If there is any other team interested in Maddux, then there is no way that the Padres will get him.  When have the Padres ever out bid any team?  Even the players we get chose us because of the sunshine or their families live here.  Other clubs offered more money to both Hoffman and Giles and we were willing to let them walk.  

I don't think we need or particulary want Maddux, but I know that we won't get him.  He doesn't have any ties to San Diego that we can use to make him refuse money elsewhere.

Maybe we have a chance with Zito in a few months since he grew up here and might want to come back for cheap.