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Padres fans are allowed to despise Shawn Estes again

That was a rough few months there what with us feeling required to like Shawn Estes. Now that he'll be getting surgery, he'll be done for the season, and we don't have to root for him anymore.


Get well soon, Shawn! Oh... wait... I guess getting well soon will still mean that he'll miss the season. Oh well!

Thank goodness for The Ho and MC Mike Thompson and Jake and Clay and Bug Chunks. I just hope that Bochy doesn't do anything crazy when Woody gets back to the team later this month.

Bochy, regardless of what Woody will say to you... Regardless of the hoodoo that he'll spit in your ear... He is not better than anybody in our current starting five. DON'T FALL VICTIM TO HIS LIES! I like Woody as much as the next guy, but when he gets back, he's long relief unless somebody gets kidnapped and molested by aliens, and even then, we continue with our alien molested pitcher as long as he has the use of 3 out of 4 limbs.