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Satisfying victories

Some victories are inherently more satisfying than others. We have to tell you. Last night's victory was a pretty good one. It wasn't a t-bone at a fancy reastaurant, but it was much more than a Snickers. Maybe it was on par with a Double-Double. Flavorful and savory yet simply won and readily accessible.

We think it's mainly because we took a little offense at a recent Athletics Nation post describing what it means to be a "Padre Contender". Implying that the way the Padres won the West last year is the worst way to win it. What with barely being over .500 and almost losing it to teams that ended up well under.

And granted, maybe it is, but seriously, it's not the first time anything like that has happened, and why you wanna be trying to turn the name of our team into something negative? What did we ever do to you?

Well, I'll tell you what we did to you... We schooled you, holmes. We put you on the bus and we took you to school. Then we taught you a lesson about karma and the fundamentals of baseball.

When that post came out last week about "Padre contenders", we resisted the urge to post something right away, instead waiting for the scoreboard to make our points for us. And now, even with a game to be played, the scoreboard has made its point.

Don't eff with the Baseball Kings of California.