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Zito and Prior to become Padres?

According to the Rumor Mill, our starting rotation will look pretty nice next season with both Zito and Prior.

The Chicago Sun-Times want Prior traded to San Diego:

Let the right-hander return home to San Diego, work in pitcher-friendly Petco Park and never have to worry about another Prior Watch driving him nuts. He might not bring a Miguel Tejada in return, but certainly a power-hitting corner outfielder could be had.

Do we have power-hitting corner outfielder? Do we have a power-hitter?

Zito has been having fun dropping hints about his impending free-agent status all year. He later added that Petco Field is "a great park to pitch in.I'm sure I'll pitch here again sometime soon."

Why sometime soon?

"I'm going to sign here. I'm a free agent," Zito said, with a straight face, before breaking into a grin. "It's a major league baseball park. I'm in the major leagues. Chances are. ..."

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