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Open Thread, 6/27: Padres vs Athletics

Quite a matchup tonight, Gaslamp Ballers. Chris "Bug Chunks" Young (6-3, 3.16) goes for us against Barry "the Snickerin' Southpaw" Zito (8-3, 3.36). Now, if the past is any sort of consideration, I'm predicting Chris Young takes a no-hitter into the 7th before finally allowing a hit and eventually finishes the game having given up one run on a double and a single while the Padres struggle to score anything. That may be the pessimist in me talking. I hope the Padres prove me wrong.

In other news, I'm going to miss the game tonight as I'll be at the Radiohead show with the cool kids and some of the smokers.

In other other news... today, as part of the internship I'm currently doing, I had to explain to my manager exactly why Joe Morgan sucks so bad that there's a website devoted to it. What you may not realize as baseball fans is that explaining all of this to somebody with zero baseball background becomes extremely challenging. I had to explain who Joe Morgan is. I explained why the Cincinatti Reds of the 1970's were significant. I went on to explain Sunday Night Baseball on ESPN and the fact that Morgan's an announcer. My manager didn't know anything about Sabermetrics, and beyond that, the whole Moneyball phenomenon, so I explained all of that. But of course, if you're explaining Moneyball, you kinda have to explain Billy Beane and the Oakland A's and why Joe Morgan dislikes the Moneyball concept.

So much complication for something as simple and pure as hating Joe Morgan. I had no idea until I started in on it.

After our phone meeting, I realized that she was actually getting paid to listen to that explaination, which probably took a good 20 minutes to half an hour. And beyond that, it was probably a very productive explanation what with her being a sports marketer to learn about that whole thing. Realistically, I could be working for this company as a paid employee (I'm on an unpaid internship), and this would have been a meeting where we both would have been getting paid for me to explain the idea that there's a phenomenon of dislike on the internets towards the greatest second baseman in history. The realization and reflection were both very surreal to me.

What does it all mean?

I guess that it'll be fun when I finally get my MBA and start getting paid to do this kind of stuff.