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Klesko update via Padres Mailbag

Padres Mailbag

How close, if at all, is Ryan Klesko to returning to the Padres? Adrian Gonzalez is doing a fine job at first. If Klesko looks good when he comes back, would he be in a possible trade? -- Chuck S., Tallahassee, Fla.

Klesko is a long way from coming back, it appears. The Pick Master isn't close to being able to swing the bat or throw with meaning. We're probably looking at a return sometime in August.

By then, Gonzalez will be firmly entrenched at first. Klesko figures to be a solid bat off the bench and a backup at first and in left. I doubt he'll have enough time to get enough at-bats to be a trade lure, but he's capable of helping the club win games off the bench. He's always been a quality pressure player with a history of performing well when the chips are piled high.

I've mentioned it before but there is nothing funnier then hearing somebody call Klesko the "Pick Master".  It kills me.  I'm not sure which is funnier when Klesko refers to himself as "Pick Master" or when somebody else does.  I've got to hand it to Klesko he's been really quiet in the press since his injury.  I thought for sure he'd be weighing in on every topic in post game interviews.  

I hope Pick Master returns to his old form, but Bochy better not do anything crazy and put him back on first and bench Adrian Gonzalez.