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I had forgotten the number one rule

Respeck for your opponent. It was probably a bad idea for me to call out Jamie Moyer like that while touting the greatness of The Ho. Of course karma was going to bite me in the ass. And deservedely so.

Jamie Moyer came at us with his quick wits and painfully slow pitches. Who knew that the Padres could hit as many homeruns as they did and lose a game? Especially one where the great Chan Ho was pitching.

In better news for me, Kenji Johjima is on one of my fantasy teams. But I'll have you know, I may have enjoyed the first homerun. And the second homerun might have been kinda delightful for my fantasy team as well. But topping it off with the other hits and RBIs, that's when I was like, "OK, homie. Lay off my boys." It was too late by then.

If you've been hankerin' to read about the game from a Mariners fan in San Diego, then hanker no more.