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Weekender Links

Yeah. So I missed last night's amazing game, but in my defense it was to go to the San Diego Fair, which was awesome. The wifey and I had a fried artichoke, some Indian fry bread, a BBQ beef sandwich and ice cream. We watched pig races. Some border collies put on a duck herding demonstration. There was flat track motorcycle racing. We got a good fill of looking at intricate woodworking. Lots of plants. Many FFA kids and their goats.

And as if that weren't enough Styx rawked the effing house. I'm not so much familiar with their new stuff, but I found it to be adequately rocking. When they broke out the old school hits though it blew my mind with its epicness.

In any case, here's the baseball stuff I been looking at today...

  • Padres crack the top 10 in ESPN's Power Rankings. The real trick here is that #10 means that ESPN considers us the third best team in the National League behind the Miracle Mets and the Cardinals. Pretty good company.

  • If it's really good for the Padres the it's gotta suck for the other guy.

  • Dave Roberts is gonna be OK, which is something of a minor miracle. I think anybody who actually saw the crash with the outfield wall would have figured him for a wheelchair and physical therapy.

  • I'm going to be perfectly honest when I tell you that I'm not quite sure how to read Baseball Think Factory's Defensive Ratings Thing, but that doesn't stop me from making half assed assessments. Piazza sucks defensively. Vinny's better than I like to give him credit for. Mike Cameron really is as good as advertised. And Brian Giles is excellent. Actually, you take into account the fact that Dave Roberts isn't so bad out in left field and our outfield defense is crazy good. Our only real weakness overall being behind the plate with Big Mike.