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And just like that... We're in first place again

Padres beat Texas in the first game of the series Tuesday night. Trevor Time again turns out to be much like my "bedtime" for me when the wife's away. No wife around: Dex's bedtime fluxuates and wanders and though I know it's "bedtime", I figure, heck. I'm a big boy. I can set my own rules. So instead of just getting right to bed, I turn the whole process into an exhausting adventure in avoiding the inevitable. I turn on the TV. I browse through magazines. I spend 20 minutes picking out my jammies. Basically, it's not a complete certainty for a good while, but eventually, sure... I'll fall asleep.

Trevor Time these days works much in the same way. We're all pretty sure he'll get the save. But first he'll go ahead and force his second baseman to make a Web Gems play. He'll allow a hard shot right up the middle. He'll give up epic homeruns that turn out to be foul. He'll spend 20 minutes trying to find a good way to make that '06 changeup look anything like that '98 changeup. But eventually, that save will be his.

That was thought number one from the game.

Thought number two is this... Maybe we should crack on unproductive players and/or coaches more. I get the feeling somebody's listening. You figure, we got Magadan out and Rettenmund in. Chan Ho Park is a f_ckin' surgeon with a baseball. Mike Cameron has recently turned potent again. And now, Vinny Castilla apparently doesn't know what to do with a bat and a ball except hit for extra bases.

So who's the dog right now? I think it may be Khalil Greene. The only trouble with my idea is that I'm pretty sure the Gaslamp Ball has to become completely disgusted with a guy before he'll get turned around and I'm not sure if we can truly muster up the necessary disgust to turn around KG. For the sake of his batting average, I'm still going to pretend to be disgusted with Khalil even though I mancrush the guy. Here we go...

Ooh that Khalil. He makin' me so mad! Grrrrrrr!!

We'll see if that works tomorrow...

Also, I'm glad that the third base umpire didn't overturn the call regarding that ball that went over the first base line's foul pole. I haven't puked since I was 18, but if that guy somehow ended up costing the Padres the game, I would have thrown up my Lefty's Katarina Combo Sandwich all over my cable box.

Finally, with the win, the Padres are in first place by a game over the Dodgers and by a game and a half over everybody else. Slowly but surely, we're edging towards the inevitable NL West five-way tie at the end of the season which will finally make Rob Neyer's brain explode.