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Dump Giles?

Alan Drooz wonders if it's time to dump Giles:

Time for Padres to to dump Giles?

Just an idle thought as the Padres hit the one-third mark of the 2006 season: Is it time to dump Brian Giles while they can get something for him?

But the fact is the Padres overpaid to keep their right-fielder, and are contractually committed through 2009 to a high-contact singles hitter with occasional power. This is no longer the Brian Giles who averaged 36 homers with the Pirates. He may no longer even be the Brian Giles who managed 23 homers in 2004, the first season the Padres played in Petco Park.

I guess the only reason why you would dump Giles is to free up money or to get a better player.  I don't see many better players that are being shopped around right now.  The Padres have been freeing up money for years so that should not even be considered as a reason to dump him.  Without Giles our line up is lifeless.

The Padres brass may love walks and on-base percentage, but I'd give up some free passes to first for some fly balls deposited in the Petco Porch.

I kind of feel the same way at times about Giles.  I love the fact that he draws walks, but in key situations where there is a man on second and first base is open, I want Giles hitting.  He's one of our best and I wish he'd take some hacks now and again in with men in scoring position.

Speaking of Giles, here we go again... everytime we play Pittsburgh or Jason Bay hits a home run people start wondering who made out better on the trade: Brian Giles for Jason Bay and Oliver Perez