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Baseball Kings of Southern California

Well, we did it. We beat the Dodgers and the Angels in our Conquer Southern California Series and now here we are. Sitting atop Cowles Mountain... Enjoying the view... Hey down there, Angels fan! Better luck next time! Oh hey! Didn't see you there, Dodger fan! Yeah, good job finally taking one from us! Oh, and Angel fan, nice job winning that one game after watching our man in left field take it in the knee cause of your crap stadium! Good form! If it wasn't for that one play, you most likely would have been swept, but good job anyway!


Looks like Roberts will be OK. He's listed as day-to-day. I thought they were going to have to cut him open and pick out shattered bits of exploded kneecap. Turns out it's just a boo-boo. Get well soon.

Buster Olney has some insights on Jake Peavy's approach to the game. Quoth the Olney:

So Peavy has tended to pitch to No. 8 hitters and pitchers the same way he goes after No. 9 hitters, going for the punchout when he reaches two strikes -- even when there are not runners on base. Greg Maddux once told a teammate of a theory: He didn't want to exert extraordinary energy against weaker hitters, making pitches to force those batters to put the ball in play, rather than drag out an at-bat for six, seven, eight pitches. That may be what Peavy needs to do to regain his form as one of the National League's best pitchers.
He might be right, but personally, I love seeing a baseball player actually play the game. In my uninformed mind, Peavy comes out every fifth day and does five days worth of work. That's something that I have to respect. Maddux is great, but there's a marked difference between Maddux as the bespectacled hound dog and Peavy as the rottweiler. I know which one I'd rather see once a week.

I'm about a week late in the next writeup for Friar Faithful's Top 100. I have about half of it written, and I'll polish it off. You might think it's easy to write about your extreme annoyance with someone, but for the most part it's just conjured up bad memories.

Day off today. Do what you will.