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Open Thread, Father's Day: Padres vs Some Team That Doesn't Have Today Named After It

The ever fantastic Chan Ho Park goes for us today against Bartolo Colon. I'm not sure if Chan Ho Park or Bartolo Colon have children, but I know that they do have fathers. And I know that Korea is a very family oriented place so The Ho may be looking for something special here for his dad. But then again, so the Dominican Republic is probably pretty family oriented as well...

By the way. When people talk about how "family" oriented some countries are, do those people realize that the same can be said about any country? For example, one thing I know about Mexico... they place a lot of emphasis on the family. That's true, right? Now put any other country in there and see if it still works.

Anyways, that was a birdwalk...

Happy Father's Day to all the dads out there. To all the babymama's, let your man relax a little bit out there... Unless he's a deadbeat, in which case he should be ashamed of himself. You deadbeat dads, take the day to think about what a jerk you're being.

OK. Go Padres. Don't forget to wear your sunscreen!