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Bellhorn's Home Run Ball

Gaslamp Baller TFast and I almost caught Bellhorn's home run ball.  Seriously it was hit 2 seats to the left of me and both seats were empty.  I was in a dream like daze as I watched the ball float towards me and I stood up knowing full well it was a home run.  For some reason I didn't have much interest catching the ball.  I just watched as a spectator. I remember thinking that I didn't want to break a finger, after all I make my living with these fingers... these long elegant, delicate fingers.

TFast stepped in front of me and reached for it with her glove.  She was reaching over three seats and her glove tipped it into a Dodger fan's hands.  She felt bad that she had gotten leather on the ball but hadn't caught it.  I told her it was alright and that she made a good effort.  If anything I should have stepped over to block out the other fans so she would have more room.  I should be the one feeling guilty, but surprising I didn't.

TFast went home and watched the replay and concluded that she had indeed made a good attempt.  She called me at 11:30pm last night to let me know so that we could both sleep better.  She said that I couldn't even be seen, because she was jumping in front of me.

TFast didn't go home empty handed though, she flashed her smile at a Dodger fan and he gave her a Padres t-shirt.  Seriously I was flashing my "Delta Dental Award Winning" smile all over the place and I didn't get jack.