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Padres Mailbag

Decent Padres Mailbag:

With the Padres' rotation being just OK, do you think they will try to go after Barry Zito or Dontrelle Willis by the trade deadline?
-- Russ E., San Diego

I can't see that happening, as much as I'd love to see either of those talented and colorful southpaws in San Diego. It would take too much to acquire either one in the way of prized prospects. Zito, on the free agent market, would be a possibility, however, given his San Diego roots.

I have a dream that one day when we get a new ballpark, we'll be able to pay players a fair wage for their services rendered.  We will be able to compete with other teams that sign all the best free agents and leave us with a bunch of scrubs.  I hope when that new ballpark is built we won't need to rely on the San Diego Hometown discount to be able to lure a proven winner into our beautiful city.  Oh man I can't wait for that ballpark.  It's gonna change everything.  Vote "YES" on Prop C.