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Why doesn't America care about sports?

After three and a half days of World Cup Soccer, I've come to a conclusion. America doesn't give a damn about their sports. Sure, you could argue that we have the top athletes and the best competition, but that ignores one simple fact...

For the most part, we don't actually care that much.

Look at the World Cup. In Brazil, by law, the banks have to be open at certain hours, but since the Brazillian team is playing today, they actually changed the law so that those hours wouldn't overlap the match.

Meanwhile, every time it's suggested that baseball's Opening Day should be a national holiday, it gets scoffed at.

If we really cared about sports, we'd have a day off for the opening day of baseball. We'd have the Monday after the Superbowl off. When our teams score, we'd have a chant and a song (besides the stupid Native American chants... Excuse me... Sorry... Preferred nomenclature: Indians).

The only sports where I've seen that sort of rabid (yet organized) fandom is in college athletics (and Raider games disappointingly enough). What exactly happens after we graduate from college? Do we grow out of the desire to have an entire stadium full of painted faces singing fight songs?

As passionate as some fans seem to be about Football (American version), it's not like the fans hold organized gang wars in the stands. I mean, it's not like I exactly want that to happen, but at the same time, I mean... you know... It'd be kinda cool.