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Cleaning House

Over the weekend, I realized that we were being spammed pretty heavily on older posts.  There were a few hundred spammed comments floating in the depths of Gaslamp Ball, with links pointing out the internet's most sinful sites.

It took me a couple hours to find and delete all the comments and now my finger is sore from all that clicking.  In any case Dex and I made the call to turn off the "Anonymous Hero" aka anonymous commenting.  It pains me to do it.  I'm a big fan of anonymous because sometimes it's fun to get posts from crazy people.  

Here's the good news.  It's insanely easy to create a new user account and it's free.  You don't have to give any personal info except a real email address.  Even then you can keep the email address private.  

The best part of having a user account in my opinion is that when you visit the site you can see which comments are new since your last visit.  Then you don't have to check every post to see if anybody said anything new.

Also, you can post comments and your own diaries.   As an admin I love seeing new diaries go up, especially if they are well thought out or present a topic of discussion, it's a beautiful thing.  It's kinda like a starting pitcher watching his bullpen pick him up after a poor start.