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Steroid Amnesty

One time amnesty for steroid users:

A one-time amnesty program would be within the law. A player would get one chance, and one chance only, to divulge his use of performance-enhancing drugs without fear of suspension or prosecution. His name would be protected by a joint agreement between MLB and the players' union. If future random testing revealed the presence of performance enhancers, the player's name would be made public and a mininum five-year MLB ban imposed.

For me I don't give amnesty unless they are made public.  I want those names, as fans I feel we deserve them.  We are the ones who were cheated.  Otherwise MLB just gets to keep it's dirty little secrets.  The MLB made big money off of these cheaters, it's time for a little pay back.

Here's what I do.  You give everybody a chance to out themselves.  Their names are made public and they are given a few hundred hours of community service or the entire off season in jail.  Same goes for owners, managers, coaches, trainers and ladies who give massages in the dug out.  Everybody gets a fair shake.

Then you have Bud Selig removed and you put somebody with a little backbone on the job.  After all that you gotta make it up to the fans.  That means all games are half price after the All-Star break and dollar dogs are the law forever.

What am I forgetting?