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"We're the Padres. We're going to make it interesting."

I think Peavy sums up everything with that quote. The Padres don't have that killer instinct, to put teams away when they are down. To beat up on teams in a slump. To clinch that division. 

Here's some links:

UT:  Padres Looking for Answers

Peavy (4-7) was rocked for the third straight outing, allowing six runs in five innings, including a three-run homer by Cody Ross that made it a 6-2 game in the fifth. But Bochy seemed more upset by an offense that wasted chance after chance against Brian Moehler, who began the day with a 7.17 ERA.

"That's our biggest problem," Bochy said. "It's been going on for a while now and that's what's killing us more than anything. You look at the board and for us to have three runs, that shouldn't happen today.

Will the real Jake Peavy please stand up and expose impostor?

"It's going to turn, no doubt," Peavy said. "Things can't continue to not go your way - those broken bats (hits) will get caught. It's obviously upsetting, but I'm going to continue to be positive. I felt like I had good stuff. My arm's on the upswing.

"I can't make them hit the ball to somebody on the first pitch. I did strike out 10, but I got up in the pitch count, and that's not something you look for, especially with Arizona sliding. We'd like to make up ground. The good thing is that we're not losing ground."