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Revolutionize Baseball

From time to time, I'll try and think of ways to revolutionize the game of baseball.

Here's a few I've come up with recently:

  1.  No base coaches.  Imagine the excitement of bad base running, pickles, and plays at the plate without those clear signals from base coaches.  Leave the game up to the players instincts and mental facilities.
  2.  You can't have equipment on at the plate that you aren't going to wear on the base paths.  Assuming base coaches still exist, then Barry Bonds can't hand off his arm armor, pitchers can't be handed jackets and Brian Giles can't take off his little ankle protector.  I would love to see a pitcher batting with a jacket tied around his waist.  Pitchers would suddenly demand to wear sweaters on the base path and have them tied around their neck at the plate.  Then maybe ball players wouldn't be so dependent on armor if they had to lug it around the base paths.  
  3.  Base runners can run out of the base path.  Imagine fielders chasing a base runner around the field like security chasing a streaker.  The crowd always loves it when somebody jumps on the field and jukes the security, I bet they'd love this new rule too.