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Ahhhh... Summer, how I have missed thee

May has left us and June has arrived, and like clockwork in San Diego, it's going to be in the low 80s this week with just enough in the way of wispy little clouds to make the sunsets look nice.

This is my favorite time of year. Actually, there's not really a time of year that I particularly dislike, but right about now is when things are really nice. I like thinking about barbecues and hot dogs and baseball. I look forward to the sensation of water finding its way up my nose. It will be a special occassion when I decide to wear pants again. Flip-flops will be worn with everything. At night, I'll be driving around with the top down.

I'll go to the fair this year and I'll look at the intricate woodworking on display in one of the pavillions and I'll be impressed, but I'll have absolutely no desire to see intricate woodworking for a full year after that.

The Comic-Con will be in town soon and, for at least a day, I'll wander around the convention center with friends and laugh at the crazy costumes and general geek wackiness. Inevitably, someone in my group who will claim to be cooler than everyone at the event will purchase something from one of the vendors which will be extremely nerdy and somewhat elitist when considered in certain geek circles and then later claim that he was "being ironic". Me, I'll be searching for back issues of The Defenders.

After the Fair and the Comic-Con, the races will be in town and dreams of hitting daily doubles and superfectas will dance in my head. I'll quickly lose $34 on the first day that I go and then I'll swear off of horse racing until I take the time to seriously study the handicaps in the racing form, but I'll never actually bother to pick up a racing form and I'll forget my oath by the next time Friday rolls around and there's a free concert, which I'll want to watch even though it'll just be B-Side Players/G-Love and Special Sauce/Cake again.

I'm also going to really get into disc golf and/or skimboarding.

Ahhh summer....