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Saturday Night

I saw a couple interesting things in the stands last Saturday.

First a discussion between drunk Padres fan and very serious Cubs fan almost turned into a fight.  Cubs fan was sitting in front of Padres fan.  Padres fan kept talking about how the Cubs suck and haven't won since 1906.  Cubs fan responded by saying that San Diego hasn't won anything ever!  Then he goes on to bring up the basketball and football championships.  Padres fan didn't care.  Cubs fan stood up and got in the seated Padres fan's face.  Any second I was waiting for a punch.  Padres fan questioned Cubs fan's sexuality.  Luckily security showed up and Cubs fan was sent packing.

Second thing that was really funny.  Girl cubs fan is standing in the aisle asking her boyfriend to toss her the car keys.  Guy tosses her the keys and they go over the railing and fall all the way to the Padres Bullpen.  The look of shock on both their faces was great.