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Peavy double pumps

I was sitting in left field above the bullpen on Saturday night and I was thinking to myself, "is that the way Peavy always throws?"  Little did I know he was practicing the double pump wind-up as a salute to the Negro Leagues.

I have some pictures on my cell phone camera, but they didn't come out very clear.

For his first pitch to Cubs leadoff hitter Juan Pierre, Peavy went to a double-pump windup reminiscent of an era that was long gone by the time Peavy was born in 1981.

It was Peavy's own way of saluting the Negro Leagues, which the Padres were officially doing.

"It just seemed like the right thing to do," Peavy said yesterday. "We were wearing old-style uniforms. And Satchel Paige is a Mobile (Ala.) guy like me. I just wanted to say, 'I know what you guys did and who you are.' "

In this same article Woody is thinking about not using his knuckle ball anymore.  Maybe he wants opposing teams to think he's not using his knuckle anymore.  The two pitches I saw him throw didn't have much movement.

Williams allowed eight hits, three of which, including Aramis Ramirez's fourth Petco Park homer, came off his new knuckleball.

"I feel sometimes it's a waste of my time," said Williams of the knuckleball. "I'm going to throw it away."