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No hitter -- jinx!

Remember how Sean Marshall pitched a no hitter for 5  1/3 innings?  Do you know who broke up that no hitter?  If you answered Eric Young, you'd only partially be right.

I was in the Western Metal Supply bar area waiting in line to get out onto the patio area to watch the game.  There a few feet away was Channel 4 Broadcaster and Emmy Award winner John Weisbarth.  Our eyes met in the crowded hazy bar.  Happy to see each other again we shook hands.  Weisbarth asks, "Can you believe this rookie is throwing a no hitter against us?"  I say "If we talk about this no hitter maybe we can jinx it".  Weisbarth says "That's true, best buddy jbox!"  No more than 30 seconds later the no hitter is no more.

You're welcome San Diego.