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How many Pad Squadders is too many Pad Squadders?

Once upon a time, the Pad Squad seemed a little bit elitist. There were eight or ten of them total and they mostly made up of cute girls, some bordering on crazy hot. Like the girl who was Miss California, or the girl who was a swimsuit model. Along with these hot chicks there was one dude with them that carried the water and could throw t-shirts extra far. Then they had a token second dude who carried the walkie talkie.

In one of our more prevalent posts, jbox ranted about them at length.

Then, after a while we got to know a few of them, and they seemed pretty cool. And, you know, things were kinda cool and all. We were down with what they were doing. Several of them were especially nice to us like Pad Squad Erica and Pad Squad Steph and Pad Squad Melissa.

But this season, something's changed. There's like a whole 40 man roster's worth of Pad Squadders. And they're starting to act a little elitist again. I'm sure for some of them it's because they're new and they're shy, but that's really no excuse. You were peppy and outgoing in your interview, so you should bust a little of that out.

During the half inning when the Padres were getting ready to bust it open, the Pad Squad sauntered on down to the field level to get ready to shoot crap into the crowd. Well... I'm not going to name any names, but a couple of the Pad Squadders were complaining that the inning was taking so long. Keep in mind, the Padres don't usually score a whole lot of runs. Every single Padres fan in the place wanted the Padres to bust it wide open. Nobody could give a crap about the t-shirts and foam balls. Take as long as you need, Padres. Just keep on scoring.

In any case, it seemed like bad form to me. I understand that they had some of the military guys down and they were trying to get them back to their unit before it got too late in the afternoon, but that's probably not real cool to be wishing for that third Padres out while you're among the fans.

Also, what happens when you have like 50 Pad Squadders, is they start getting very cliquish. Like they weren't talking to the fans a whole lot because there's like 11 of them in their unit. Back when they travelled around in pairs or threes (last year) fans could get individual attention. Now, I don't know what's going on.