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Barry Bonds has always been a jerk

This excerpt from  "Love Me, Hate Me: Barry Bonds and the Making of an Antihero," by Jeff Pearlman is funny.

A young Barry Bonds broke into a teammates room to steal chili.  He drove a Trans-Am and his teammates would joy ride in it while he was home for the holidays.

This has to be my favorite part:  

But Barry was different. He would sit alone in front of the TV every morning, watching the cartoon "He-Man" and giggling hysterically. He would sneak into Lopez's closet and swipe his new Ralph Lauren shirts without asking. "(Guy sweated like a pig," says Lopez.)

Bonds is just a really sweaty guy who likes to giggle at "He-Man" like a lunatic.  He's just like you and me!

When Barry got suspended Bobby Bonds drove his Mercedes onto the field and yelled at the coach.

Brock had received a threatening visit from Bobby Bonds, demanding that he revoke Barry's suspension -- or else. The incident took place during a closed practice, when Bobby drove his Mercedes onto the field, parked in front of the dugout and bull-rushed Brock. "If you mess with my son," he yelled, veins bulging from his neck, "I'll own this school!"

Update [2006-5-7 21:40:46 by jbox]:

Bonds just hit 713