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Cinco de Mayo links!

Ahhh Cinco de Mayo. That magical time of year when people drink Corona, Dos Equis and Cuervo liberally. For my own personal celebration, I will be drinking Orange BANG and some pineapple Horchata. I try to avoid the taste of liquor in my late 20s days as I find it harder and harder to avoid its devilish delights and the sinful things it makes me do. Even if I don't actually carry out my evil intents, I still cannot live with the thoughts that plague me when sweet Mexican liquor touches my tonsils. Pensamientos malos, some would say.

In our younger days (ages 15-23), jbox and I would often sing an anthem to liquor before quaffing. As it were, I recall the lyrics now:

Ahhh sweet liquor. Tickle my tounge as you delight my tummy. Send me into your euphoric haze and make me think of days long past...
Delight me with your flavour, your colour and the strength you give me in grabbing that girl's ass...

I had a bad time with Cuervo once. We were friends. Amigos one might say. But do friends betray friends the way you did, Cuervo? Why did you betray me, Cuervo? Why did you jump out of my stomach, through my esophagus, beyond my lips and into the corner of Art's living room? Why did you then trick my brain into rushing over to Art's kitchen and have me expell you all over the dishes in Art's sink? And what was all that business about you making me hit on Art's girlfriend while on his couch?

Is that really what amigos do?

Anyways, a few links:

May continues tonight! Floppy hat night! The Cubs series! Normally, I would direct you to Smooth Jazz Man's diary regarding sports venues in San Diego, but since it's the Cubs series, Smooth Jazz Man is dead to us until next Tuesday.