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Once again, the Union-Tribune looks into their alternate universe machine

Did you know that in the UT's alternate universe, Giles is a Dodger right now?

Brian Giles said it wasn't a bluff. The native San Diegan and longtime Padres fan nearly became a Dodger in November. "It was probably a day away," Giles said yesterday from the visiting clubhouse at Dodger Stadium.
Also, if you scroll down the article a little bit, Giles decides not to give any sort of credit to the coaching staff for his success.
One theory for Giles' slow Aprils in recent years: He becomes so bulked up in the offseason that it takes him a few weeks to get his baseball muscles fully limbered and his bat speed up to par. Giles said hitting coach Dave Magadan holds that view - and manager Bruce Bochy said he agrees.

Giles said it's more about finding his timing.
It seems like finding his timing would be something that might make sense and might be coachable with a few extra batting practice sessions. I like that idea better than saying that Giles worked out too much during the offseason. What kind of mixed message is the staff sending? Fuson wants them bigger and stronger. Giles comes in bigger and stronger. Mags thinks he's too big and strong now.
Giles said he and his trainer, Mike Douglass - the former SDSU and NFL linebacker - have carried out the same weight program since 1999. In four games entering last night, Giles had heated up, going 8-for-16 to raise his average to .301, .002 above his career mark.
Just keep on keepin' on, Gilly.