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How to jinx a no-hitter

If you didn't see it, Chris Young was 6 outs away from a no-hitter on Tuesday. Of course, Leitner and Vasgersian jinxed it from the get go. And for some strange reason Jonny Dub called me on the phone and explicitly said that he was calling to jinx the no-hitter.

Why would anybody do that?

Tony Gwynn didn't say the words "no" and "hit" in the same sentence until it was already broken up. Tony Gwynn knows a thing or two about baseball I'd say. As for the rest of these people... When your team's going for a no-hitter, why would you jinx it?

The unimaginative would say, "Oh it's baloney! There's no such thing as jinxes and curses!"

Oh yeah? Prove it. Prove to me that there's no such thing as a jinx nor a curse. Prove to me that nothing is interconnected. That one thing has absolutely no bearing on something else unless they crash into each other.

And don't go telling me I'm illogical. I've got a degree in computer engineering. I kill evil Sudokus. My favorite poker player is Howard Lederer. I know logic, holmes.

But there are things out there that people can't explain. It's a fact of life. Nobody can really explain the duck billed platypus or the edge of the universe or frat guys' obsession with Bob Marley. So why even try? Why not just go with it?

In conclusion, I'd just like to request that until somebody can prove to me without a shadow of a doubt that jinxes don't exist... Please don't go jinxing any more no-hitters.