Political Intrigue, The Chargers, and I Pay One

I posted this at the end of a essay from Kev, but I thought it should be elsewhere, so more can comment. I'd like to hear what you think.

Let's amplify Dex's comments...
Even with the Governator's comments today --
("I vant 2 NFL teams") nice for political purposes, but the only thing that going to happen is that the Saints, eventually, will be forced to vacate New Orleans. Sure, the NFL is going to do its' best, but -- let's look at the current demographics of New Orleans.

That's correct, there AREN'T any -- at least there is not a population base to fill the Superdome (a facility already deemed by the Saints to be old, and inadequate) I'll wager -- the first game -- whoo hoo, the NFL 's back...
But, then reality sets in. The market now has somwhere of 100,000 people. That's like Green Bay, only without any money. Who, is going to attend games? Maybe they'll average 25K. Reggie Bush, Drew Brees, Dick Butkus, and Jr Seau wouldn't bring this franchise back from the dead.
One year -- and the NFL will have no choice. Why should ownership be forced to lose money??

Here's is what's going to happen here. The Bolts will be in Chula Vista -- and the stadium will have a new indoor facility close by. Why do I belive this? Does anybody remember a front-page story in the UT about the city's inability to generate money from it's holdings? One of the properties in question -- the Ipay One (Sports Arena) Center. The Haun family has a sweetheart lease -- agreed to by the city. At the end of the piece, Haun offered that he was 'discussing the idea of a new Sports Arena in Chula Vista, because it's too hard to get anything done in SD.' That was probably the most important line of this entire article, but there was no follow up, or any other comments were edited out.

This is pretty important stuff, and should be followed closely. The sportstalkers don't seem to be addressing this.

And, by the way, if you don't attend any Gulls games, you are missing out. The team is run like it's an NHL franchise -- it's quality entertainment, and it's possible it may jump to the AHL (AAA Hockey) by 2008. More teams are needed for this. Also, SD has another pro basketball team:

By the way, I've mentioned this before. I work for a radio station here...I've been given more duties regarding "Public Affairs Programming."
I'm going to do my best to haul in many of the players in this stadium passion play for interviews, and if I'm successful, I'll give you the word.

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