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Team FredBird

Well we start the Cardinals series tomorrow so we better start taking a closer look. You might be thinking that the hottest person in a Cardinals uniform is Albert Pujols. Sure he's on a hot streak, but I dare say Team FredBird is hotter and I wish they would streak. Team Fredbird is almost identical to the Pad Squad. The only real difference is that Team FredBird has a little different schtick then the Pad Squad. They have whistles around their necks to coax noise out of the crowd. The loudest section of the park gets free shirts. In Petco Park it doesn't matter how loud you are, you are subject to strength of the Pad Squadder's arm or their effectiveness on water balloon launcher. So yeah, good luck getting something if you are ten feet off the field.

FredBird is the Cardinal's Mascot.

Did you know that the Pad Squad were the first cheerleaders ambassadors in the major leagues? Apparently they started in like 95 or 96 as the "Sunshine Sisters" or something crazy like that. Before the Pad Squad, PCL's Hollywood Stars had cheerleaders at Gilmore Field in the 50s. As you know the Hollywood Stars mutated into the Padres. So we have a bit of history in this arena.

Update [2006-5-27 19:31:45 by jbox]:

The Hollywood Stars mentioned is a different team then the one that became the Padres. Also the first generation "Pad Squad" was called "Sunshine Girls" not "Sunshine Sisters"

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