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Open Thread Memorial Day: Padres vs Pebbles

The Mike Thompson Project goes against Jason Jennings tonight at Petco. Originally, Jack Black was going to throw out the first pitch, but as it turns out, his TRL gig went long and he won't have time to get out there now.

I am bummed, Gaslamp Ballers. I am bummed.

We'll still get out to the game so if you see me or the crew, say hello. I'll be wearing my Bochy For Mayor t-shirt. Man... Sucks we get no Jack Black.

When I say "Tenacious", you say "D"!
Tenacious! D! Tenacious D!

When I say "Tenay", you say "Shus D"!
Tenay! Shus D! Tenay! Shus D!

When I say "Ten", you say "Ayshus D"!
Ten! Ayshus D! Ten! Ayshus D!

When I say "teh", you say "Enacious D"!
Teh! Enacious D! Teh! Enacious D!