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Gary Bennett and Albert Pujols

On Friday night Jon and I were wondering what it was like for Gary Bennett and Albert Pujols to be on the same team after their little fight a few years back in St. Louis.  What is their first meeting like when they meet in the club house?

Does Bennett have to walk over to Pujols private wing and kneel next to Pujols leather Barry Bonds style chair and kiss his ring?  Murmering apologies in between kisses?

St. Louis fans will never admit it but Pujols was a big sissy for waiting for the ump to hold Bennett before he slapped him like a school girl.  At least punch him.  I mean if you are going to wait for somebody to hold a guy at least man up and punch him.  The slap was so feminine.  Such a cheap shot.  It was all because Adam Eaton plunked him with the softest off speed pitch possible in his butt.  I feel embarassed for Pujols now.

The St. Louis fans were quick to defend their golden boy and called Bennett a scrub catcher, but now he's on their team.  I wonder if I'm the only one who still harbors ill will towards Pujols?  Probably.

This is off topic but what in the hell is that thing on Scott Spiezio's chin? It is disgusting. It looks like he ate Elmo and forgot to wipe his mouth. Word is that he has the same little landing strip "down there" as well, but that has not been confirmed.