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Nacho Libre Give Away

I don't know if I've ever wanted a Padres give away more than today and I can tell you that Dex absolutely never wanted a give away more. We went down to the ball park 2 hours before game time to make sure we were part of the top 10,000 people who got to take home this Nacho Libre mask.

We walked in the gate and were scanning our Compadres cards when we notice somebody taking our picture from behind some palm trees. Our fear turned to joy when we realized it's Steph. She told us that she was part of the team that worked with Paramount pictures to bring the masks to Petco. We were in awe. We told her that she was a genius, but she tried to convince us modestly that it was a team effort. She tells us that her favorite part is watching old people get the give away and how confused they look. My favorite part is watching Dex put on his hat and glasses over the mask.

We posed for some pictures with our masks on and then started walking to get some food. Dex's wife went on and on about how cute Steph is. "Why can't everyone be as cute as Steph?" she wonders aloud. It was kind of annoying because Dex and I fancy ourselves pretty cute as well and she never mentioned us.

We went over to the Park in the Park and they had some sort of Collector Pin give away. I hate collecting baseball stuff and pins are the worst. We stood in line forever, the line was not moving. Dex was saying stuff like "take a picture of me looking really bored in the pin collecting line" or "take a picture of me acting like I smell something really bad". I did and we passed the time and eventually got our dumb pins.

On the way out we came across some Baseball card art that Dex had talked about previously. As we looked at it, the arttist LaVern, ended up standing behind us. We told him that we were big fans and he was kind enough to pose in a picture with us.

The game itself was somewhat frustrating, because it felt like we had out played the Cardinals again but we just couldn't put the extra runs on the board. Giles getting picked off first to end the game was a huge disappointment. I'll tell you I like Geoff Blum at third base, I think the Vinny Castilla experiment isn't working out. I like Bard behind the plate a lot more then Mirabelli and maybe more then Piazza. With Piazza if someone gets a hit it pretty much turns into a double because he can't throw them out on a steal.