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Open Thread 5/27: San Diego vs St. Louis

Does St. Louis look a little like Khalil Greene to you guys? He looks a little like Khalil with a crown on and a little flowery number over his shoulders. I'm pretty sure that's the Saint Louis that the city takes their namesake from, but I'm not totally sure.

In other news, today is my own personal Perfect Storm Giveaway. A Nacho Libre/San Diego Padres Luchador mask. Here's what we know:

  1. I heart the Padres.

  2. I heart Tenacious D.

  3. I heart professional wrestling.

  4. I actually own a luchador mask already and it needs a friend.
Jonny Dub asked me earlier this week if I wanted to get one of those masks. I was like, "yeah". Jonny Dub goes, "I KNEW IT! Cause you like the Padres! And you like Jack Black! And you like mexican wrestling! You're crazy! You're crazy! I totally have you figured out! You're crazy!"

Right. I'm the crazy one, Jonny Dub.

Anyways. Go Padres!