Simnasium League

ALright guys, your login ID names have been credited with the free team.  In order to join our league, click on "Create New Team" on the bottom of the front page.  Select "Browse Custom Leagues" and find the league named "Gaslamp Ballers".  Our password is "gwynn".  

We will be playing with the standard rules, and I opted for a non-DH league in favor of a DH league since ya'll are NL purist fans.  :)  

There is an option for a manual draft, but since you guys are all first timers we'll be doing an automatic draft.  A more detailed explanation of how that works can be found by clicking on the 'Reference' link at the top of the Simnasium page.  

I'll be playing with you guys, but don't worry about any competitive advantage I have from playing this type of junk for years b/c I'll be trying out a new theme (I haven't thought of one for sure yet, any ideas?)

Lastly, in the event that anyone actually enjoys this experience enough to purchase a team or two in the future, please email and tell them SW sent you.  Thanks guys, and this will be a good time.  Have fun building your squads and if you have any questions about how things work feel free to email me at


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