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Keepin' up with the Joneses

You know... I've been really neglectful of the blog over the last couple of days. And jbox has been in jury duty. I apologize for the suckiness. I'll try to do a little better.

So I guess this May ended a little bit early compared to May 2005. I mean, last year the Braves wouldn't have smoked us in a three game series. Also, is anybody else a little nervous about Peavy's shoulder? Keep in mind, this is a guy who had a detached retina and memorized the eye chart. This is a guy who played with a broken rib. If he's actually acknowledging an ailment, then I'm a little nervous.

What I'm not nervous about is the upcoming awesomeness that is Nacho Libre. "Chancho! Sometimes... When you are a man... You wear stretchy pants... Een your room... Ees for fun." Maybe you guys think that all I ever think about is the Padres, but that's really just not true. One of my other interests is Tenacious D. I go to my fair share of concerts and musical type shows, but the one band I've seen the most in terms of live concerts is the D. Love Jables and the Rage Kage. And Jack Black will be throwing out the first pitch in conjunction with giving away Nacho Libre styled luchador masks at the Padres games. Let me tell you that this is like a cream dream come true.

Could somebody in the Padres who likes me hang on to one of them luchador masks? I'd really like one. I have a yellow one already, and a Nacho Libre/Padres one would seriously make my day. The happiness would be so extremely insane that I would honestly have to punch my jock to keep myself in check.

I hear that we'll be starting up our Simnasium league soon. I have a suggestion. You guys can nix it if you like, but I say we try to stick to teams that follow a sort of theme. Like say, Players Named After Mythological Creatures. Or Team Racist Assholes. Or Team Intoxicated While Playing the Game. If not, that's cool. I'll still be sticking to my guns. I'm going to draft a team where nobody has a playing weight under 250lbs. Oh, I'll do it. I'll do it.