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Jake Peavy is pretty good at throwing a baseball

What exactly do our pitchers have to do to actually earn wins? They go out there. They get hits. They get RBIs. They pitch absolutely dominating performances. They get no love from the Win column.

I almost didn't go to tonight's game, but I'm glad I was there as I got to witness something ridiculously awesome. Jake firing on all cylinders, filling up the Ks board. His stuff was almost magical. He was like a Greek warrior out there. If I knew how to make stained glass windows, I'd make a series of them depicting the mythical events of the evening.

Our night was also pretty eventful. Mine and jbox, I mean. Jbox ended up getting selected as the Delta Dental Smile Fan of the Game. He won a toothbrush that was made in China and a Padres hat that says Delta Dental on it. I got some pictures, though I don't know how we're going to post them considering that jbox doesn't put his picture on the blog ever. I'll cover his eyes so you can't ID him.

Also, at one point, a foul ball got tagged and shot into our section, nailing a girl in the arm. After completely shattering her arm, it bounced over to me and landed under my elbow. I figured I couldn't have that girl's mangled arm on my conscious, so I looked to try to give her the ball that had only two seconds ago ruined any hope of her becoming a trombone player. Jbox tried to give me a hard time saying, "You need to give her that ball. You need to give her that ball." I was like, "Dude, relax. I know. I'll hand it to her once they find the rest of her elbow." Jbox was like, "Give her the ball. Give her the ball." I was like, "Settle down. They're almost done sweeping up the bone chips and sponging up the blood."

So, needless to say, I gave her the ball. Actually, I gave the ball to her boyfriend who then gave her the ball, but she turned around and thanked me. I said, "You earned it. You traded the use of that arm for a baseball." We both got a nice little cheer and applause from the crowd.

Later, I realized that I gave away a foul ball that Peavy had pitched during a record setting performance just because it had sawed off some girl's arm. I should've hung onto it. Jbox reminded me later, "That would probably have been a good souvenier of tonight's game." I was like, "Yeah. Thanks a lot for that."

But at least jbox was the Delta Dental Smile Cam Fan of the Game for the game where Jake Peavy set a new Padres strikeout record, and I was the nice guy who gave the foul ball to the girl who's arm was completely disfigured by it.

All in all... A successful night... (even if the effing Padres did manage to somehow lose that game)