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Padres Merchandise

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Is this the Pull Over Microfleece that the Pads wear in the dugout when they are riding the pine?  If so, I want it.  I wonder if you can buy this at a regular sporting goods store for half the price.  Let me know if anybody has seen it anywhere.

I was looking for some Padres gear this season and t-shirts in the Padres store at the stadium were like 40 bones and at Sports Chalet the exact same shirts were $22.  The had a pretty cool light weight Tony Gwynn Track Jacket at the Padres store.  I thought it'd be like $50 tops and it was so expensive they didn't even put a price on it.  When I asked it was $120.  Insane.  The only decently priced items there are the ball caps.

Somebody explain the joke to me about this t-shirt.  "Your girlfriend likes my team... Padres"

Who is that insulting?  You?  Your Girlfriend?  Me?  Is it even an insult?  Does your girlfriend even have good taste in baseball teams?  Does she only like the Padres because they are cute?  Does wearing this shirt make you jealous?  Don't you wish she liked your team?  

I think I'm just going to break out all my old give away t-shirts.  I'll start wearing them to games, look real grubby, cheap and old school.