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Padres Mailbag

Pretty good Mailbag this time around.  Questions about Peavy trying to do too much, Hoffman's lack of save opportunities, Mags not getting results out of players and Leone's hot start in Portland.

Bonds doesn't think much of Woody's stuff:

"We just let them get by," Bonds said. "[Williams] made a lot of mistakes out there. We didn't capitalize on anything. We just weren't swinging the bats out there all day. We just didn't play good."

Update [2006-5-2 23:5:24 by jbox]:
From Sportscenter:
Reporter: How did Linebrink challenge you?
Bonds: One time too many [huge grin]

Update [2006-5-3 12:40:6 by jbox]:


  • Barry Bonds tooks several rips at Williams' pitches, then became frustrated with the fouls and near-misses. ?I was just missing pitches,? Bonds said. ?I got frustrated and threw my helmet for the first time. I normally don't do that.? Williams said it appears that Bonds is on the verge of ?barreling up? a lot of pitches.
  • Bonds on his 712th home run, off Scott Linebrink's 3-2 fastball: ?He challenged me one time too many.?