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Yesterday, we talked about Brian Giles at lunch

I was at lunch yesterday with jbox and Jeff, a fellow MBA student. We were eating us some Chipotle. Talking about the Padres. General chit-chat.

Inevitably, we started talking about Brian Giles and the story of him getting naked and damp humping Bill Murray. Jbox and I then related Jeff with all of the weird stories that we had about Brian Giles kissing his teammates and teabagging reporters and other such weirdness.

At one point, jbox asked "What makes him act like that?"

Jeff responded with, "I don't know. You think maybe he's bisexual? I wonder if the Padres would stand for that."

Just then, a Chipotle girl came by to clear away our trays. She obviously overheard the last bit of our conversation and said, "Are you talking about Brian Giles? I think he's just metro."

We then started talking to her about the stories that we knew and she told us stories that she knew. Eventually, we came to the conclusion that Brian Giles is either bisexual or crazy or crazy bisexual.

After that was settled, jbox realized that we hadn't really mentioned Brian Giles' name when the girl started talking to us. All we had said was "bisexual" and "Padres" and she automatically assumed that we were talking about Brian Giles. It was eerie to say the least.

I mean, how could she have possibly known we were talking about Brian Giles? Why not Khalil Greene, say? Or Clay Hensley? Nope. It was Brian Giles...