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Open Thread 5/17: Padres vs the Arizona Rattacatcoons

Tonight's starter for the Padres is a strapping young buck named Mike Thompson. Five wins and no losses for Portland. And now, he tests his mettle against the f_cking Rattacatcoons who apparently not only have our number, but seem to dial it at really inappropriate times, like just as we're sitting down for dinner, or while we're in the shower, or during the last 3-5 minutes of The Office.

I'm still not sure if Jim came back and told Pam how he felt. Friggin' Rattacatcoons.

Anyways... Here's an open thread. Let's get them this time. Let's keep squeezing the karma out of this month.

I almost forgot. Here's Bochy on Thompson:

Thompson, described by manager Bruce Bochy as "an overachiever who throws strikes," was 5-0 in the hitter-friendly Pacific Coast League with a 3.70 ERA. In 41 1/3 innings, he walked nine and struck out 31, surrendering only two homers.
I hate when people call somebody an "overachiever". While it may seem like a compliment at first, what it really means is that this is a person who is getting lucky. He's basically achieving beyond what he's capable of. Someday, this person will no longer "overachieve" and will simply achieve what everybody expects him to. It's quite possibly the most backhanded insult in all of sports. Maybe Bochy doesn't realize it.

But then again... Maybe he does.