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Padres Dream Diary

I had a dream that Dex and I were sitting on the bench with Brian Giles.  I knew it was a dream because Giles was fully clothed.  I told him that during a streak he shouldn't do anything differently. I told him that he should continue to go to the tanning salon everyday.  I then told him to be careful in those tanning machines.  He didn't seem to like that and got a little offended.  At that point he started kinda playing grab ass with me and Dex.  

He got down on all fours and asked us if we wanted a horsey ride.  I was like "alright, that would be fun".  When Dex saw that I was getting a horsey ride he wanted one.  So we took turns.  Dex was like "Quick!  Take a picture of me getting a horsey ride from Brian Giles for Gaslamp!"

So that was kind of a weird dream.

Update [2006-5-16 13:32:19 by jbox]:
So Dex was asking me to fast and not eat all day so I would be able to better interpret the dream. He thinks I'll be able to come up with some brilliant revelation about the Padres. I think what the dream means is that Giles is going to "carry" the team in the next several games. Carry them like he carried Dex and I on his back like a pretty little horsey.