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Play pretend with Gaslamp Ball and Simnasium

Gaslamp Baller gophersw has lined up some kinda deal for us. If we can get at least 12 people interested, we can play a Simnasium Total Baseball league for free. If you're not familiar with it, Simnasium allows you to make the fantasy baseball team of your dreams.

That's right, I used fantasy and dreams in the same sentence. A fantasy dream team supreme. Make it themed! Perhaps an extreme team?

Check out the website and see if you'd like to participate. I mean, it's free so why not check it out?

If you decide you want to try this sucker out for free, then post a comment here. No Anonymous Heroes please as we'll need some way to verify that we'll have at least 12 for the league. If there's a lot of interest, we might be able to get another league or two open for free.

Fun stuff, so be sure to check it out.

Update [2006-5-16 12:22:2 by Dex]: In case your name is Jonny Dub, let me make it clear... This is a FREE OFFER.