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Why do Padres fans hate the Cubs?

On the surface, it doesn't seem to make sense, but there's something about the Cubs that we seem to just find completely unlikable. Really, I think it's a matter of there just being so many Cubs fan transplants in San Diego. They pack the ballpark. And once they're there, they talk about how much better it is in Chicago.

"You call dis a hot dog? I wouldn't bring dis thing wittin' a hundred miles a Wrigley!"

You're supposed to be eating the fish tacos.

"Lookit all dem empty seats! You never find an empty seat at Wrigley."

Yes, you would.

"Look how dey got de fake clapping ta tell dem when ta clap. And did dey just start clappin' dat Carwash song? Whut's dat about?"

We like the Carwash clap.

"Whut kinds a fans are dese? Real fans root for real teams."

Just hang out for a second while I throw these peanuts at your head.

Anyways, I'll stop now before they stop letting me in at Lefty's. And hopefully, Smooth Jazz Man will come back after the dust has settled. I don't know how far this post goes in explaining why Padres fans hate the Cubs, but maybe it provides us with something.