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Catching up on some links

I'm going to organize a road trip. George Clooney sent me an e-mail and he's talked me into going up there with the Congress to try to solve that thing. Before we go though, we need to look at some links. Has it been so long since we've had links?

  • Woody's done. Out indefinitely. The Baseball Gods looked down at us, saw that we had been receiving too much fortune and demanded a sacrifice. Bochy offered them a virgin calf and lo and behold, Woody's virgin calf was eaten by the Baseball Gods

    Those effers are diabolical like Dennis "Papa" Morgigno.

  • Ducksnorts breaks down our recent trade. Freddy Guzman, we hardly knew ya.

  • Apparently, Lance and Richard are still alive. Those reports of them driving Lance's Thunderbird into the Grand Canyon were obviously exaggerated.

  • While we were so distracted with all this Sutcliffe stuff, Peavy turned in one of the most dominating Padres performances ever. No runs on two hits with 13 Ks plus 2-3 at the plate with a double and 2 RBI. As Jessie said when I read the line to her, "His wife better be giving him a little somethin' somethin' for that."


  • Silver lining to the recent injuries... P-Mac is back! Oooohhhhh SNAP! I'm havin' a P-Mac attack, yo! P-Mac in da hizzy!
A'ight, that's it. Talk amongst yourselves.