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Rick Sutcliffe Transcript


For those of you who can't listen to the mp3, here's the transcript of it. I enjoy reading it to myself. I wonder if I could fit the entire thing on a t-shirt?

Sut: How good is this?
Mud: What's up, Redhead?
Matt: You taking some time away from your busy ESPN world to hang out down here with us little dogs?
Sut: It's not that busy, man. It's not that busy.
Matt: Sut, who you been playing golf with?
Sut: He's here. He's in the house tonight. Bill Murray.

Matt: What's the best city in the National League to play golf in? Seriously.
Sut: [chuckles] The best city in the world, Mud. Where is it?
Mud: San Diego.
Sut: Right here, man. You can't beat it.

Sut: George Clooney. You been readin' about all that? You been seein' that?
Matt: George Clooney?
Sut: Yeah. He's up there with um... He's up there with the Congress. He's trying to get everybody to go over there... and solve that thing.

Sut: I'm getting yelled at from Bill Murray in the back. I need to go. I'd much rather hang with you guys than him.
Mud: Thanks for joining us, Sut.
Sut: He can wait.

Sut: Mud, you're the best, man. Anybody on Earth that doesn't like Mark Grant... They got... They got problems. Matty! What're you still doing here in San Diego?
Matt: [interrupting] Red Baron, you were... Hey, by the way, you were...
Sut: [cross-talk] Matty!
Matt: ...the answer to a trivia question earlier.
Sut: No-no-no, Matty.
Matt: We were... We were at Dodgers Stadium...
Sut: Everybody on Earth has been trying to steal you.
Matt: We were at Dodgers Stadium...
Sut: The Dodgers, the Cubs. ESPN.
Matt: Two weeks ago?
Sut: What're you still doing here?

Update [2006-5-12 1:59:4 by Dex]: Filled in the rest of the transcript.