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Drunk Rick Sutcliffe Three Sheets to the Wind


This is from the Dave, Shelly and Chainsaw show where they have clips of the Channel 4 Broadcast. I recorded it off my clock radio.

Rick Sutcliffe Drunk Rick Sutcliffe Drunk audio (MP3 3.3MB)

Here is the transcript.

Sut: Mud, you're the best, man. Anybody on Earth that doesn't like Mark Grant... They got... They got problems. Matty! What're you still doing here in San Diego?
Matt: [interrupting] Red Baron, you were... Hey, by the way, you were...
Sut: [cross-talk] Matty!
Matt: ...the answer to a trivia question earlier.
Sut: No-no-no, Matty.
Matt: We were... We were at Dodgers Stadium...
Sut: Everybody on Earth has been trying to steal you.
Matt: We were at Dodgers Stadium...
Sut: The Dodgers, the Cubs. ESPN.
Matt: Two weeks ago?
Sut: What're you still doing here?

Audio includes:

  • Rick Sutcliffe three sheets to the wind in the Padres Broadcast Booth
  • Bill Murray tackling Mark Bellhorn a "former cubby"
  • Brian Giles jumping on Bill Murray completely naked in Bruce Bochy's office

Update [2006-5-12 1:32:35 by jbox]:

Sutcliffe issued an apology tonight.